On the basis of my experience and know-how, which have been accumulated during the years I served as Director of electronic industry policy division, Director of transportation machinery division, Director of Trade Investigation Office, Director of Business Guidance Office in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Trial examiner, Chief of information material, Chairman of International Intellectual Property Training Institute in 'Korea Intellectual Property Office' and Executive Vice Chairman of KAMA(Korea Automobile Manufacturer Association), Vice President of OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d Automobiles), representative director of Donggang Cistar Corporation, I will do my best to carry out the services we offer at Alex.

To provide highest quality services and reinforce technological competitiveness, I will hire young and capable electrical and mechanical patent attorneys and patent management staff, who can take advantage of my expertise on the fields. This will consequently contribute to the development of electronics, automobile manufacturing, components, materials, logistics, IT(information and telecommunication), tourist industries.

Your encouragement and support will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.